Immersive Insights

Augmented Reality Data Visualization

For the past year, I've worked on IBM Immersive Insights.

Click here to read my blog (with code samples) on how the process of developing machine learning models can be improved with Immersive Insights.

Click here to read my Q/A on the future of data visualization.

I've helped scale the Immersive Insights team from three employees to ten. My responsibilities span product management, user research, and development. Product management tasks include defining product vision and goals across design, data engineering, and development, translating goals into timelines and gantt charts, and translating timelines into sprints, todos, and git issues. User Research tasks include coordinating with clients, defining usage scenarios and personas, as well as conducting usability tests and generative interviews. Development tasks span data engineering in python/R, AR work in Unity/C#, and a React web application.