Hi! I'm a data-driven designer and developer.

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Hi! My name is Ben. Here's my resume and LinkedIn.

I'm a data-driven designer and developer. I look for projects that combine imaginative thinking and real-world impact.

Most of my work experience has been on software product teams. But I’ve also designed and built a small house, crafted successful business proposals, and delivered user experiences that blend physical and digital spaces (sometimes leveraging AR and VR). The common thread connecting my pursuits has been collaborative creativity.

I’m a jack of many trades. On product teams, I often fall into an underserved role that helps to accelerate outcomes. I’m comfortable performing project management, user research, full-stack development, and data science. I have some pretty strong opinions on quantitative user research, a topic that draws on (and has helped me to develop) all four of those skill sets. I enjoy writing copy, tutorials, and product specifications. Usually my team’s needs, and my deliverables, evolve throughout the product lifecycle (generative research → iterative prototyping → continuous deliverly).

I’ve spent the last few years at IBM Design, creating new products for data storage and analytics. During that time, I've worked across disciplines with designers, developers, and management. Within my teams, I've often found ways to improve cross-discipline workflows and collaboration. I find it fascinating to study the processes through which groups of professionals with different skill sets collectively identify and solve their user's problems!

I plan on spending my career at the intersection of big data, user-centered design, and emerging technologies. My interests include machine learning, the 4th Industrial Revolution, writing, architecture, and sound.

Imaginative Thinking + Real-World Impact

I saw a lantern

Five feet in air

Light in the night

Hovering there

The realists are all boring

The dreamers leave me snoring

They’re grounded so shamelessly

Or float away aimlessly

But when your eyes reflect the moon

You light the sky with shades of blue

Samantha, blue lantern, will you be mine?

I’m the realest one who, like you,

Still knows how to fly

Excerpt from Ch. 3 of The Bell Pepper

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